So..another Wednesday. It’s been interesting using these Wednesdays to reflect on the happenings of the week. Very therapeutic I might add. Do you take time and reflect during the week? It’s actually a little difficult and I have to force myself to think about what I did and how it affected me. But, all in all I think it’s good for me. You should try it too and let me know how it goes!

Things that impacted me this week:

1) Randomly going to a Lupe Fiasco concert and seeing the smile on my husband’s face

I can’t remember the last time we ever went to a concert. We’re not concert people. I kind of wish we were, but I understand now why we are not. The music was great. Lupe sounded exactly like he does on the radio. I got really excited when I knew some of the songs. My husband was in heaven! He kept saying, “This is so awesome!” and he kept singing every word to every song. I’m always astounded at how well he can remember lyrics to songs, and can’t remember where he puts his darn keys. The only thing that was a little hard for me was how LOUD it was. I feel like I won’t be able to hear anything for days. Haha.

2) Quality time to craft!

I rarely ever have time to sit down and make things. When I do, you’ll see it on my blog. But, there’s so much I want to do/make that I never get around to. On my day off yesterday, I was able to write a record of 3 letters! WOW! Sound the cymbals! That’s a lot for me. I couldn’t believe it’s taken me about a year to get to that though. So terrible. Anyway, I finally did it and it was SO FUN! Also very therapeutic to use the right side of your brain. Do you make your own cards? Or do you buy them? They have some cute cards nowadays so it’s kind of tempting. But, I try to hand-make everything and hand write which tends to take up more time. 🙂 I was proud of the results though! Above is a gift card I wrapped and sent to friends who just had a little baby boy named “Brayden.” We missed his baptism on Saturday so I felt really bad.

Things that distracted me this week:

3) Bad Dreams


Usually it’s me suffering from a bad case of nightmares and lack of sleep. However, this week it was my husband. Last night, I heard him breathing heavily which was strange. Luckily, I was awake so I woke him up out of it. He told me in the morning that he was having a nightmare. “A Nightmare?,” I said. “You never have nightmares.” I think it was because this past weekend his dad mentioned something about experiencing ghosts in his house. This is the house he grew up in and Eddie has always believed it to be haunted. Now, his beliefs have been confirmed and witnessed by someone else. Spooky, right? In perfect time for Halloween I guess…

4) Trying to come up with a Halloween Costume

I don’t know what is is..but I never really liked Halloween. It always frightened me and I haven’t gone trick or treatin’ in years it seems! Anyway, this year we are trying to be different and actually celebrate it for once by watching Rocky Horror. I’m a virgin when it comes to Rocky Horror and apparently there are huge fan clubs and almost a cult~ish following. Well, we’re just going to watch the show and it is required to dress up! So, naturally, I’m stressing out because I have NO IDEA what to be for Halloween. I’m also running out of time. I did come across some potential winners, but still unsure of what to do. Here are some I liked:

Mary Poppins! (Who doesn’t like a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down?)


The Incredibles! (The only thing that gets me with this costume is the price! Yikes!)


How cool would it be to be a peacock!


This owl costume looks fun to make!


 Eddie has this exact penguin costume..but what can I be that goes with it:?source

Can’t go wrong with Mario kart characters!


 Gnomes anyone?source

How about sexy sushi? Yum? or Not Yum?


Space costumes!


Fox pair! (This is kind of fun.)


Okay, that’s enough. Hopefully I come up with an idea soon so if I have to make it, I have time. Any ideas guys? I need help.

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