5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #13:

1.  Eddie has an immense love for PEANUT BUTTER. I’ve never seen someone eat so much of it by themselves.

2. He often jokes with his friends and tells them “Don’t get married. Don’t do it!” He’s like my dad in a way. But, I think he just doesn’t want to reveal the secret to true happiness. 😉

3. He’s been cooking a lot lately. I feel kind of bad I haven’t contributed as much. But, then again, if he’s good at something..why take away the pleasure of someone doing what they are good at?!

4.  He can sing almost all the lupe fiasco songs. He really enjoyed the concert as much as it messed up his homework schedule.

5. Sometimes in married life, we get used to routines. For example, Monday – Wednesday might be homework nights, Thursday movie night, Friday go out night. Weekends we stay busy. IF at times you want to change it up a bit, to break from the routine, be sure to have each other’s back. As much as I want to encourage breaking from routines, sometimes it might put your spouse back on a deadline that needs to be met. If it does, the nice and courteous thing would be to help meet that deadline and alleviate any further stress. I hope that made sense!

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