Quote of the Week

“Most of the things you worry about NEVER happen!”

~Click on images for source~

Another Monday!

I need to pump myself up for this week. It’s gonna be another crazy one, folks! We have one of my husband’s friends staying with us this week. That should change things up a bit. I love being a host of people by the way. I always clean the extra room and put out extra blankets and towels to make sure they feel comfortable. As I start this week off with this quote, I’d like to admit that I’m kind of a worry wart. I hate that about myself, but sometimes I cannot even help it. My husbands gets so annoyed because I can’t just relax. I’ve always been uptight since I was in high school…oh the dreaded high school days! Well, I’m happy to announce that today is the first day I’m going to try and work on improving this about myself. Worrying is not worth it..FIRST OF ALL. Secondly, we need to enjoy and celebrate the life we have here because that’s what it’s all about. There’s no time for worrying and adding to the unnecessary stress that already exists in the real world.

Anybody with me?!? Let’s do this, then.


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