Today I…have a secret I’ve been waiting to share… see…

there’s this thing I’ve been wanting to tell all of you for a LONG time.  But, I felt it wasn’t the right time.

I’m not even sure if now is the right time. But, when do we really know?

If you think you’re ready to hear this..then you have to promise me something.

I don’t normally demand my readers to do things for me. But, this just seems like the only appropriate time. I promise I’m not a bossy person.

Please pray for me. I would REALLY appreciate it.

If you don’t believe in God, then please send good vibes and thoughts my way.

I’m a little scared out of my mind!

Okay, I know I’m lingering on and on and on. But, I hope you can see that this is a little hard for me to say. Especially because of what happened last time..

Let me preface what I’m about to say by letting you all know..that the reason why I want to tell all of you this is because I feel especially comforted to know that there are people out there who care.

It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

And..even though I might not know all of you personally…I feel like you’ve all been there in my journey and I’m eternally grateful. it goes!

Yes, folks. There you have it.

Eddie and I have been blessed with another little surprise in my belly.  Who knows where this will take us or what we’ll learn from all of this, but I’m sure ecstatic!

And.. NERVOUS..if you couldn’t tell already.

It’s been especially difficult this time around because it’s hard not to think about my miscarriage last time..which I’m sure is normal.

I’ve been EXTREMELY cautious and have really held back on telling people. It’s been interesting trying to hide it though. Haha.

But. I feel much more relieved now that the secret is out.

Here’s been my motto throughout this entire pregnancy so far:

And…anytime I feel negativity or doubts..I just throw in a quick Hail Mary..and that usually calms me down.

Mary has definitely been with me this ENTIRE time.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. Please forgive me ahead of time if this blog becomes bombarded with pregnancy or baby stuff. I’ll try to control myself.


10 thoughts on “Today I…have a secret I’ve been waiting to share…

  1. Yay! Congrats you two!!!! I’m so happy for you! 🙂 Much love to you both on your little blessing! ❤

  2. Melinda… I’m sooo happy for you! I’m sorry I just read this post today, but it was weird. I was listening to one of my favorite renditions of Ave Maria when I remembered to read your post. So Mary made me think of you 🙂

    Praying for you! Love you! Congrats!!!!

    PS I’ll be conducting a concert with all Marian music and I will be sure to dedicate it to you, Eddie, and your baby 🙂

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