Things that impacted me this week:

1) A fun-filled weekend and our first Rocky Horror Picture Show experience

So, I guess we’re not Rocky Horror virgins anymore. Boy, was that the most INTERESTING experience of my life! It was a whole bunch of crazy, oddly intense and sexual, and anti-normal in every way that I cannot even begin to express it in the appropriate words. Definitely an experience of a lifetime! I know Eddie and our friend, Ryan, had a blast. The soundtrack was definitely “a future download” kind of soundtrack. The best part had to be the mess we made and we didn’t have to clean it up!

2) The cuteness of this little girl


Okay, I really try to avoid saying this, but I’m going to have to… O. M. G! This girl is just so darn cute and her eyes make me melt. And look at her little leg warmers! She reminds me of my little niece, Anamaria. Can’t wait to see her in a couple of weeks!

My niece, Anamaria

Things that distracted me this week:

3) Blogging…


I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. Sometimes I feel very encouraged. Other times, I think, “Why do I spend so much time on this?” It’s definitely a distraction whether I like it to be or not. Let’s be real.

4)  Finding the right pair of glasses

It’s that time again where I need to buy new glasses. I think it’s been about 3 years so I’m due for a new pair. I can’t seem to pinpoint which frames to buy though…any suggestions?

 From Warby Parker

From Zenni Optical 

From Urban Outfitters

Anyway..can’t seem to decide on the frames. Might just go into Kaiser tomorrow and pick out the cheapest one. I’m on a budget! Happy Wednesday ya’ll!



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