Things that impacted me this week:

1) Parent Teacher Conferences

I actually had very successful conferences on Friday. I felt the parents were very receptive and hopefully are going to help us teachers monitor their child’s behavior in and outside of the classroom. I don’t know if I mentioned that I teach middle school before, but I’ve been having an interesting/challenging year. Being my 2nd year at this school, I felt more confident and motivated to face the challenges of “dealing” with these students. I want to think that my students are special (doesn’t every teacher?), but we’ve been struggling with disruptive behavior as well as rude/disrespectful attitudes. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I’m sure if you go to any junior high school it’ll have similar characteristics. My hope for these students is that they realize that when they move on to high school and/or college, they are not going to get everything they want. Tough! You’d think that in a lower income school the kids would be more humble, not spoiled. However, it’s worse. I understand parents want to provide their children with the newest and best gadgets out there (because that’s what makes them happy), but there HAS TO BE A BALANCE. The closer I come to being a mom, the more I think about how I would raise my child. I can only hope to raise them with good morals and values and maintain a steady balance as much as I can. This is definitely going to be a good learning experience! To all the mom’s out there…how did you do it?!? To all the future mom’s out there…good luck!

2) Eddie buying me this pillow

So, my husband caved in and bought me this pillow. I’m sure he was getting tired of my complaints about my lower back or maybe he just wanted it for himself, haha.. It was such a nice gesture when he surprised me with it! As for the pillow…so far, it’s pretty awesome. BIG, but AWESOME!

3) Hearing the baby’s heartbeat


Eddie and I were able to hear our babe’s heartbeat today! What an amazing experience. It’s so loud and beats so fast! I felt so good and was reassured when I heard it that I even bought this to hopefully repeat the experience anytime I want. I’m a little crazy..I know.  The joy it brought me reminded me of this song I heard by this Australian artist, Lenka. Also, random tangent, have I told you how much I really enjoy Japanese art ?!?

Things that distracted me this week:

4) Sress


Lately, I’ve been unfortunately stressing out about this baby. Is it in there? Is the heart still beating? Is it growing like it should be? I can’t help but stress out a little over this. In the beginning, appointments are once a month which seems feasible, but sometimes I wish they were much sooner because I start wondering if everything is okay. I need to stop being so uptight.


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