5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #17:

1. We’re starting to get prepared for when our lives will change drastically when baby comes. We know it’s going to be a lifestyle change.

2. Husband is back into juicing. I do like when he’s motivated to be healthy and eat better.

3. The best thing about cold weather and being married is that you can snuggle anytime you want! I sure take advantage of that. šŸ™‚

4. I hope my husband doesn’t feel stressed out too much with work and school. I know it’s a tough schedule especially when almost all your nights are filled with school work. The best thing I can say is I try to change things up a bit so it doesn’t feel so monotonous of a routine.

5. I’m sure I do a lot of things that piss off my husband. Perhaps…a future new theme for this blog “5 Things I Learned About My Wife.” Oh, it’s on!


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