DIY FRIDAY: Delicious Recipes you MUST try!

TodayI… have been slightly obsessed with this food blog. For today’s DIY, I thought it might be fun to show the results of some recipes I followed this week. I was so obsessed that I cooked 2 things from this new site: the Green Chile Biscuits and Country Gravy and the Bibim Nengmyun. Of course, every time I cook, it tends to not turn out EXACTLY as it should b/c sometimes I have to modify it a bit. Nonetheless, still SO delicious! I’m loving experimenting in the kitchen lately! And, I’m sure Eddie is too!

Here’s how they turned out (forgive me for my sad excuse of a camera):

1) Green Chile Biscuits and Country Gravy

Picture on left from

Picture on rt from my Instagram

Instead of cutting up the sausage, I left it whole because I wanted it to appear more meaty! Eddie made the biscuits as well and he did an amazing job. They were delicious! Overall, the BEST biscuits and gravy I’ve EVER tasted. No lie!

2) Bibim Nengmyun (do not ask me how to pronounce this)

This next one’s kind of embarrassing. But, the reason I post this is to show that we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes. 🙂 Mine didn’t turn out so good. It was WAY too spicy and I couldn’t cut cucumbers too thin b/c I have a problem. Oh, and also, I ran out of eggs! So..there’s no egg. Please don’t laugh too hard. 😛

Picture on left from

Picture on rt from my Instagram

Apparently this is quite the Korean delicacy. I’ve never actually had this before and it was a SUPER FUN experience trying to find the ingredients at the Asian market. Thank goodness for helpful staff members! It was still tasty and delicious, but just a little too spicy for my taste buds. Next time I make it, I might modify a bit, with probably less hot pepper paste and more sesame oil and soy sauce.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

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