Early Birthday Celebration~ Reflection

Well, the husband surprised me this past weekend and took me on a train ride to San Luis Obispo! Why…you ask? Well, I don’t know if anyone remembers the “25 before 26” birthday list I made last year. Well, thanks to him, I was able to cross one of them off since I’m running out of time!

17. Take a train somewhere. 

Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

1) First stop at Union Station. Made me want to re-watch movies that were filmed in that place. Met an interesting young gentleman on the train who was obsessed with Dr. Who. Learned a lot about him and admired his hand carved wand he pulled out of his coat jacket. So weird!

2) Experienced my first long train ride on the Amtrak. Taking the train has its pro’s and con’s. What I did like about it was we didn’t have to stress about driving, traffic, gas $, etc. However, it was quite a long 4-hr ride! Good thing we brought things to read and play with. 🙂

3) Got to walk through “Bubble Gum Alley” for the first time. We kind of came upon it by surprise. We were just walking and all of a sudden passed this random alley filled with people’s chewed gum all over the walls. It’s actually pretty impressive. If you’re ever in the area, definitely a must-see!

4) Ate our first-ever pasty (PASS-TEE). It’s this amazing empanada type dish that can be filled with different types of concoctions. Apparently, it used to be a favorite amongst the miners in Cornwall, England who loved to eat these without getting their hands dirtier than they already were. We had ourselves the Traditional one called “The Oggy.” Inside was filled with steak, red potatoes, onions, and rutabaga with a hint of rosemary. It’s hard to describe, but it was so yummy! For dessert, we also tried the peanut butter, jelly, and banana filled one. Mmm.. I can taste it again. You can check out their website here.

5) Saw this really cool film at this little theater downtown. The theater only really plays independent films..my favorite types of movies. It was a powerful movie! I recommend everyone see it. Emilio Estevez did a really great job I thought!

6) Went to church at the San Luis Obispo Mission. Was so surprised Eddie even looked up the mass times and had it planned in our schedule! Amazing!

25 Before 26:


1.    Learn to bake at least 10 new things. (totally failing at this one)


2. Read at least 5 new books. (1 out of 5 so far)


3. Finally change my name on all my debit cards.

4. If no baby, get a full-time job!

5. Learn Photoshop. (I can get away with the basics)


6. Take a class with Eddie at local college.


7. Clean out boxes in parents’ house. (not even close)


8. Make an Advent calendar for the future.

9. Start a Blog.

10. Volunteer more.

11. Go to confession more.

12. Take a trip to San Francisco.

13. Visit Grandparents in Las Vegas.

14. Do something I’ve never done before.


15. Learn how to edit a short video clip.

16. Become a pescatarian. (I’m starting to think this will not happen this year. I like steak too much!)


17. Take a train somewhere.

18. Start dancing again (if no baby).


19. Paint something. (Do my nails count?)


20. Review Spanish and try to learn more.

21. Whine less. Complain less. Worry less. Appreciate more.


22. Send letters to everyone in convent or discerning.


23. Drink more water.


24. Be healthy. Eat healthy. Live healthy. (sometimes)


25. Be a good sister, daughter, & wife. (Still working on this)


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