5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #18:

1.  Pregnancy is actually a beautiful thing to share and experience with each other.

2. Eddie is currently sleeping with the pregnancy pillow. It’s kind of funny, but I couldn’t find a comfortable position that would make my shoulder not hurt. So, now that we traded, I still get to use one of the arms of the pillow and it’s SO much more comfortable. Ha.

3. Eddie makes the best ribeye steaks EVER! For dinner last night, Eddie and I experienced are first grass-fed piece of meat! Can I say that it TOTALLY makes a difference! A little more pricey, but WORTH it!

4. Another weekend trip to AZ tomorrow. Eddie is usually the driver during these road trips. Actually, since we’ve been married, he tends to drive us everywhere. I wonder if other couples are the same way ?? (I am definitely not complaining..I love being the passenger.)

5. If you’re both in school, it can sort of be fun doing homework together. 🙂

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