Baby Nursery Designs

Oh, Birthday week, you’re finally here!!!

Baby Nursery Designs

Today swooning over all of these baby nursery designs. Am I crazy or what? I know it’s probably still too early to be thinking about this, but I can’t help myself. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything yet so I’ve been pretty good at keeping that. But, wouldn’t it be so cool if our nursery looked like some of these ones? 


From ohdeedoh 

From ohdeedoh 

From ohdeedoh 

From ThompsonFamily.typepad  

From Apartment Therapy 

From Apartment Therapy 

From flickr  

From interiorsandallthingspretty


2 thoughts on “Baby Nursery Designs

  1. Ah congratulations!!! I haven’t checked in with you in a hot minute and I was so happy to see your big news update! Of course, I really like this blog and all the interior designs. Especially the mint colored walls (good for boy or girl!). Just remember what Sarah HGTV says, “Design your nursery with adult design in mind” so your baby doesn’t outgrow it too fast!!! Very pretty photos…

    Anyway, how far are you now? Keep in touch and I will be keeping you in my thoughts : )

    • Thanks Makana! I miss you! I haven’t seen you comment in awhile and I started getting worried! Haha. Hope all is well with wedding planning and such! Yes, I’m loving baby nursery design inspiration lately…and baby is healthy and continuously growing. Hope to see you soon!

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