I’m in Love with Orange

Today’s Unique Find is…

My Favorite Orange Things

One of my favorite things about November is all the shades of orange. It is now of my favorite colors.


 From ruffledblog

 From design-seeds

 From source

 From design sponge

From Forget Me Knot Wedding Blog 

Things I Wouldn’t Mind Owning:

 Tribal Necklace from stavri

 Orange Navy Blue Chevron bag from madebynanna

 Orange Crush Rust Foldover Leather Clutch by Kelsea Slade

 Orange & Green Flowers by Curious Tuesday

 Owl Art Clips from Maple Shade Kids

 Floral Scarf by Kerry Cherry

I’m a sucker for Art:

 Artwork by SeptemberWren

 Artwork by Juri Romanov

 By Jeff Mac Art

And now..for the challenge:

1) good friends

2) things that me smile

3) living near the beach

4) fresh flowers in my vases

5) free time to do things I enjoy

6) patience

7) Netflix

8 ) good music

9) warm water to take showers

10) good health

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