Happy Thanksgiving!

 Graphic taken from Amy’s pin via keepitsimplekeepitfresh blog 

10 Things from Tuesday:

1) having someone to cuddle with

2) students who think you’re the best thing ever

3) sweets

4) sunny California weather

5) wi-fi at my apt

6) caring friends

7) pregnancy pillow to prevent sleepless nights

8 ) colorful dreams

9) creativity

10) the sense of smell

10 Things for today:

1) the sense of hearing

2) new glasses to see the world more clearly

3) the gift of laughter

4) free will

5) the ability to have options

6) eddie coming home safely from the military

7) my niece and nephew

8 ) parents who love and care for their children (no matter what)

9) the ability to walk, run, jump, dance, etc.

10) faith

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