DIY Holiday Decor

Today’s Unique Find is…

DIY Holiday Decor inspired to do some crafting this Christmas. We’ll see how it goes! I doubt I’ll have time, but will definitely have to MAKE time to experiment with these fun DIY projects. DIY projects are so big these days and I like them a lot because usually they are WAY cheaper and more unique looking at the end of the day. It’s so much fun when someone compliments your decor and you can say “Oh yah, I made that!” Here are just some I found throughout the blog world:

 DIY Lanters from a case of the mundays on flickr

Mini Christmas Tree Crafts by Melisa from Pie N the Sky

posted on A fabulous fete

 Handmade Christmas tree art from The Other White House

 Vintage Inspired Ruffled Wreath (made from old book pages) from Project Wedding

 Mitten Tags from Design Sponge

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