Fun Ways to Reveal Sex of Baby

Today I decided I was going to look up some creative ways to announce the sex of your baby. People have all these creative announcements and ideas that I wish I would’ve thought of! But, I didn’t have the time nor the energy sadly…and I was simply too excited that texting everyone and blogging about it seemed to suffice. Here are some creative ways that people have announced their sex of baby:

 Cardboard Box Announcement:

(Fill a cardboard box with either pink or blue balloons and surprise whomever with the “box opening.”)

 From Black & White (Side by Side) 

Cake Announcement:

(Dye a white cake blue or pink and cut into it revealing gender)


From Black & White (Side by Side) 

Photo Announcement:

(Send a photo to family & friends, or post a fun photo on facebook or a blog that reveals the sex of baby.)

 From Sara Schmutz

 From Anastasia Marie Photography

Cookie Announcement:

(Host a gender reveal party and bake cookies that reveal the surprise through colored cake balls hidden within the cookies.)

 From sugar derby

Recipe for Cake Ball Stuffed Cookies here.

Video Announcement:

(Create a short video that tells your story in a short, yet suspenseful way.)

Alright folks, that’s all I got for now. Stay tuned for more baby updates. Thanks for all the love and support and congratulations about our little baby girl growing in my belly. I had fun with that one! My husband was excited also, even though he secretly was hoping for a boy. It seems more real now for some reason…not that it wasn’t before, but putting a gender to the baby growing inside, just seems one step closer to the real thing! Ah!


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