The Worst School Day Ever

I’m back!!! Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple days. It’s been so chaotic at work and I cannot even begin to express the intensity. We are preparing for our Christmas Program which is our biggest show of the’s like a full-on production with each grade performing songs, skits, etc. And, since our music director is also the 6th grade morning teacher, I’ve been working full-time. It has been great for my wallet, but STRESSFUL and CRAZY as ever! I honestly give it up to all the teachers out there I know (Jenelee, Tina, Allison B.) who blow my mind for all of their dedication and commitment to teaching. Anyway, I wanted to reflect on the worst school day ever that I experienced this week! Haha.

The Worst School Day Ever is when…

It’s a Rainy Day and we’re on Rainy Day Schedule:

 From one big photo

A mouse is found in a classroom:


Teachers are sick and we are short staffed:

 From forward mom blog

Kids get into a fight:

 From teaching self government

Isn’t this kid scary looking?

Kids are excited and counting down the days until Christmas break:

 From ride

I think I should end with this picture because it pretty much sums up this entire week! Anyone else counting down the days until Christmas?? Haha.


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