PLACES: Vegas Baby!

Today on the road to the infamous city of SIN along with the hubs, sister, and sister’s bf.  My crazy husband decided last minute to not stick with the original plan (quiet, steak dinner at our apt) and be spontaneous (once again). If I seem a little resentful, it’s only because it makes me feel better about the whole idea. Not that I’m against Vegas or anything, but I question how much fun I will have and how successful this trip will be this time around. Last New Year’s (or maybe it was the year before), we spent New Year’s in Vegas and fell asleep at 10pm in the hotel room and woke up to the fireworks outside of the window. What a story, right?!? Haha. We laugh about it now hoping this time around will be more successful. Nonetheless, we are SO grateful for my sister and her boyfriend for inviting us along for this adventure. After all, this might be the last, spontaneous adventure for awhile..which makes this trip a little more bittersweet. Well, hope you all have a fantastic New Year!!! Be safe. Don’t drink and drive. 🙂

P.S. I hope you enjoy my little Microsoft Word images I made real quick on my Dad’s comp. It’s somewhat vintage inspired, haha. Bye!


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