Quote of the Day

Today I am back to work (ugh!) and am currently counting down the days until this baby pops out (17 weeks left give or take).  I hope this quote finds you well. I’ve been thinking about the conversations I have with people nowadays. Usually they are pretty deep and meaningful, but there are the days where I find myself thinking, “Why am I even talking about this?” I think at times we often waste our energies on talking about things that really don’t matter. I actually laugh to myself when I hear people talking about the Kardashians or the next celebrity couple…only because there are so many more important things we can discuss about. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, I leave this quote with you this week to ponder about the conversations you have. Are there things that irritate you that shouldn’t? Do you find yourself getting frustrated over simple things that can be fixed? I challenge you to ask yourselves these questions because I know..deep down..your mind is more brilliant than you might think!


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