Unique Uses for Burlap

Today I… have been massaging my head to make the creative juices come out. Last week, I randomly purchased a large load of Burlap from Craigslist. (I’ve kind of been hooked on the site lately.) Of course, the first thing I did was go onto Pinterest to see what creative uses people have come up with. My, oh my, it can be used for SO MANY THINGS! I’m SO EXCITED I BOUGHT IT! And, the great thing was it was only a whopping $15! Woohoo!

Here are some ideas I want to make with it:

Burlap-wrapped packaging:

From grey likes weddings

From ginny corbett photography

Photos: Top Left: Etsy, Top Right: Braedon Photography via Style Me Pretty, Bottom: Love of Family & Home

From pretty little party shop

Burlap Decor for the home:

Burlap place mats from etsy

Burlap Sack Pillows and Rug from Vintage is for Lovers

Burlap curtains from  Brooke

 Burlap Table Runner from  The Kitchn

Burlap Bunting:

From  Limelight Photography via Style Me Pretty

From casarei.net

 From etsy

Burlap Art:

 From positively splendid

From google

 From The Virginia House Blog

 From caitcreate blog

From tryhandmade

 From Valerie Fox Photography


8 thoughts on “Unique Uses for Burlap

  1. I ADORE the burlap place mats and the burlap roses at the end! You better take some photos of whatever you decide to make 🙂

  2. I like your burlap post and your new website format! Funny, I just bought 30 yards of burlap and its sitting in my living room now! Hmmm…thanks for the inspiration : )

  3. Cute ideas! I plan to cover a cork bulletin board with burlap as soon I found out how to dye the burlap. In early marriage I purchased a golden yellow burlap bulletin board. I want to make a hot pink or lime green one for my granddaughter!

    • Oo! Love the idea of covering the cork board! Dying burlap.. That’s genius. I also love lime green lately. I actually finally made things using the burlap I bought about a year ago.. Finally! Made some placemats and some coasters.. Will be on the blog sometime soon hopefully!

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