5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #24:

1. Working out is tough together, especially early in the morning. But, it definitely is better having a partner with you!

2. Currently, we are working on making responsible decisions and, can I just say, it sucks being an adult. Ha!

3. My husband works so hard for us. Going to school full-time and work full-time must be tough. I really want his birthday (which is coming up, yikes!) to be special.

4. I like how my husband cooks eggs. Haha. It might help that the eggs are from the farmers market? Maybe just a little. πŸ™‚

5. Have I told you that we used to be in a long distance relationship? While Eddie was in the military, we tried really hard working things out. But, if we can say anything about it, is that it is hard. It is also possible, but both of you really have to want it.

I found this quote and I could’ve sworn my husband wrote it. πŸ™‚ I like annoying him.


One thought on “5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

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