Quote of the Day

My husband and I can actually relate closely to this quote. When you get married or even when you’re about to have a baby, people will ALWAYS try to encourage you to do things certain ways and/or convince you on how to/how not to live your lives. Not that I don’t appreciate the suggestions, but everyone is always going to have something to say. Have you ever noticed that? Well, if you haven’t..be prepared! I want to say, take what everyone has to say with a grain of salt, and do what you know feels right. However, I was taught in ministry that sometimes we shouldn’t do what we “feel” is right all the time because you have to use your mind also. I’m not sure if I completely agree with Mrs. Roosevelt on this one, but I do know she was right about the criticism part. Don’t let people control/influence your decisions on how to live out your married vocation and on how to raise your child. Only you (and your spouse) can make decisions that are right for the both of you. No one else’s opinion matters… honestly.

Have a great day and a great week!

Live inspired.



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