5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #26:

1.  He LOVES peanut butter & jelly! I bought him a jar for his birthday and I discovered that he can eat a whole jar of Smuckers in 2 days! Does your significant other have a weird FOOD obsession?

2.  Why does it seem like men are better at cooking meats than women? Eddie can make a mean steak.. I think I’ve said that before. But, last night I attempted to make these pork chops, which is probably the hardest thing to mess up, and it was an utter failure. It was too dry, the rub was too cumin~y, and I managed to destroy our cast-iron skillet. When eddie got home to try it, he said, “Next time, just leave the meat to me!” So much for trying…

3. Since I’ve been pregnant, he’s been more open to cuddling with me before we go to sleep. Usually he’s very territorial with “his” side of the bed, but lately he’s been very lax. I’m definitely taking advantage of it as much as I can.

4. Our bathroom is disgusting as of late. I usually  leave it to him to clean that room because..well..he cleans it better than me. But, dang, he’s been slacking off and it’s looking pretty gross. I think the bathroom is both of our least favorite rooms to clean. Does anyone actually LIKE cleaning their bathroom?

5. We decided that we’re going to Tahiti this summer! To save, we’re going to have to stay in instead of going out, cut down on going out to eat, and no more movie theatres. This should be interesting…

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