Reflection Wednesday- Bursts of Yellow

Read time: About 5 minutes

Today I..thought I’d take some time to reflect. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts. So, to preface this post, I should start with a little background. I’ve been trying to walk as much as possible for many reasons, but mainly it’s because it’s encouraged to have a continuous blood flow in your legs during your 27th and 28th week. If not, pregnant women tend to get leg cramps and such, which has happened occasionally, but nothing too painful. Anyway, with some constant motivation from my husband, I’ve been walking in the mornings before work. I’m blessed that I only work part-time so I can have my mornings to get a lot of things done.

Here are some things that inspired me during my walk last week:

~ Bursts of Yellow ~

1) Every morning as I walk around my neighborhood, I see this bright, yellow truck. Painted on the side of the truck is a decal that reads “Super Bee.”  Coincidentally, the truck is always parked at bottom of a very steep, hill, the steepest in the neighborhood.  Every time I see the truck, I use it as my burst of motivation to walk up the hill. I’m probably exaggerating when I’m describing this, but thinking myself as a “Super” Bee kind of helps, haha!  Also, the brightness in color always screams at me and somewhat makes me laugh and think, ‘Who would drive a truck this bright?!?”

2) This yellow fire hydrant reminded me of the fires in Chino Hills that happened a couple years ago. Right behind my parents house is the Chino Hills State Park. A couple years ago, there was a huge fire that spread throughout the hills and, no joke, my dad woke us up in a panic at 4:30am to evacuate our house! It was so intense! Something like that never happened to me or my family, so it definitely was an experience I will remember. You know when people ask you, “If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 things will you bring with you?” Well, that question became a reality as we  crazily packed up our cars that morning. Who knew what was going to happen or if we were going to lose our house?!? I think I ended up packing up my car with clothes, family pictures, my electronic devices, and maybe some food that I grabbed from the pantry…that was it!

3) This beat up, mustard yellow shelf has been calling my name!!! It’s been saying, “Melinda, take me and fix me up and put it in the baby’s room!” There’s this shelf that’s been sitting out in front of this house. It’s in decent condition, but is in need of some repairs before it could be used. I’ve been wanting to take it home with me for a couple weeks now, but the thought of repairing it kind of makes me nervous. I like thinking of myself as a “handy” type like my Dad, but to be honest, I probably will procrastinate and it will just sit in my apt collecting dust. I have a lot of ideas to use my creativity, but my motivation sucks! I just never get around to doing a lot of things and I hate that about myself. Ugh!

4) Pretty flowers. I never really appreciated flowers until recently. I think my love for flowers started when I learned how to make leis and headpieces from my dance group. Then, I started saving jars from old canned goods and scotch bottles and using them as vases. I always loved how they turned out. I love when simple things (junk even) can be made into something beautiful and appreciated all over again. Those are the best creations!

Is there anything that spoke to you this week? If so, I’d like to hear them! Thanks for reading!



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