5 New Things I Learned About My Wife ~By Eddie

Week #27:

1. Melinda likes to express how she’s feeling in a whiny but cute (but not too cute) one word sentence. Example: “Cooold.” “Huuungry.” “huuurts.”

2. She is starting to enjoy making juice in the mornings. I appreciate this because I have noticed that I am getting to work on time lately… sometimes early.
3. Melinda over exaggerates everything. No joke. If it’s 7:01am, she’ll say it’s almost 8:00 AM.
(if this is a repeat it’s because of my need to exaggerate how much she exaggerates)
4. This is probably common in every relationship, but she’s always wears my shirts. Umm, you have a drawer full of yours… put those on.
5. She is awesome at math. One of her student’s parents paid her for her tutor services. Sweet right? She also assists me in taking my math tests as well. I log into my account and she takes the tests… KOBE!

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