It’s been a rough couple of days since I entered my 3rd trimester. I’m not going to lie and I hate to complain to you all, but damn, I’m so uncomfortable! Haha. Just finding enough strength to get up from the couch and from a long, sleepless night is few and far between. I guess what they say in the books are true…DARN! I was hoping to be the counter-example. Anyway, this weekend was an interesting one. First of all, naps are the best thing ever! My husband and I didn’t sleep in at all this weekend so afternoon naps honestly saved us. Secondly, we met up with some friends at a conference room in Irvine to hear this man speak. It was kind of random, but interesting. So, I’m currently reading his book, “Earning Serendipity.” There have been some good points so far, thus I thought I’d leave you with a quote (that I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday, sorry) of his:

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