Things that impacted me this week:

Walking along the beach…

Seriously, sometimes my husband and I forget to thank God for the blessings we have. This weekend we had the chance/time to just go for a stroll along Manhattan Beach. It was so relaxing and awesome! I feel these little moments are such a luxury these days…and I hate for it to pass by without me acknowledging it. There’s something about nature that is so incredibly soothing. I miss the water. I miss the momentary breezes. I miss surfing. Can’t wait until summer!

Driving through the city at the crack of dawn…

Have you ever been up early enough where you experience the first moment when the sun hits? It is powerful! All of a sudden, it is as if the lights turned on. It goes from extremely dark, practically pitch black, to light. The air is so crisp and fresh in the morning. There hasn’t been too many cars up yet polluting our atmosphere. It’s amazing! You should try it some time.

Enjoying shaved ice with friends…

Have you ever tried shaved ice? It’s quite the refresher! Definitely a nice treat to end the weekend. 🙂

Watching my husband play softball and making his first home run…

Went to my husband’s softball game on Superbowl Sunday. My husband has been very active lately. I really love it and want to support him as much as possible. I don’t think he really wanted me to go (I was the only wife/girlfriend who went, haha), but I went anyway and good thing…he made a home run and I witnessed it! The picture above was him before the swing…I think he surprised himself.

Things that distracted me this week:

This beautiful image says it all…



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