Today I…thought I’d surprise my honey with a little fun, box of treats while he was at work. I’m not much of a Valentine’s fan, but I thought I’d do something nice for him since he had plans for me. Haha. Anyway, look what I made…

I used the coupon template from here and just glued it onto card stock paper. I love free printables!

To make it more fun, I packaged the coupons in brown paper bag and glued hearts onto it and made it into a little scavenger hunt around our apartment.

I hid the clues in random parts of the apartment. One was at the front door. Another was near his iPod. Another was on the toilet, ha!

Others were hidden in his textbook, the pantry, and underneath his pillow.

For one of the coupons, I made it redeemable for “Free Homework Help.” I hid the clue in his Computer Networking book, haha. Wow, so cheesy..I know. I wrote little poems on each clue. This part was fun, but took me a lot of time. It’s hard to rhyme!

All the clues eventually led to the fridge where his lunch awaited him. I ended up just packaging some leftovers from the fridge. Haha…so terrible! But, leftovers are so much better when they are cutely packaged!

I even got him a cupcake from frosted!

And there his lunch sits…awaiting his return! I hope he liked it!


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