5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #27:

1.  I think Eddie would prefer it if I didn’t go watch his softball games. It’s not that I’m a loud, obnoxious fan, but I think he appreciates the “guy time.” I guess I can understand that. Guys do need their “guy” time and girls need their “girl” time. I never really saw myself as the type of girl who relishes in “girl” time, but when I do have it, I can see the benefits. 🙂

2. Eddie is really scared when it comes to scary movies or scary stories. He actually had to stop reading scary stories from Reddit because it got to his head.

3. He would never admit this, but I think one of his passions in life is drumming.

4. He LOVED the coupons I gave him for Valentine’s Day. He actually used a couple of them already. I love when gifts are a success!

5. Eddie is very protective when it comes to me. I REALLY love that about him. The other day he was the reason I stayed home from work. I probably would have gone and tried to work while being sick. But, he said, “YOU ARE NOT GOING IN TO WORK TODAY.” I actually admired his firm, controlling tone in this circumstance. 😛


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