TodayI…thought I’d share some of the unique finds I’ve thrifted recently to start getting this nursery up and ready. The nursery is nowhere near done, but I have mustered up some energy to slowly get things organized little by little. I’m really surprised on the amount of energy I actually have to satisfy this “nesting” bug. I think I get it now. Anyhow, hope you enjoy!

  • I decided to use these $4 crates I bought awhile back from a yard sale as a makeshift bookshelf. It’s not going to be permanent because, as you can see, not many books can fit on there, but it’ll do for now. I just had them lying around anyway waiting to be used for something.
  • The green lamp was given to us as a wedding present. I think I’m falling in love with it all over again because I like how it pops out in front of our boring white walls.
  • The books that I have are actually my old childhood books! My mom actually saved them all..passed them down to other relatives..and now has come back to me! They are very sentimental and I can’t wait to read them to our daughter!

  • Bought this awesome glider chair at a local thrift store on Saturday! I took off the cushion to be washed, but I’m so excited that I finally found one. It was only $65 for both which I thought was a pretty decent price. It’ll be perfect for breastfeeding!
  • Will probably be reupholstering the cushion fabrics..but will save that for a future post perhaps. 😉

  • Okay, the crib wasn’t thrifted. You got me! But, the unique thing about it was…I bought it on sale at Target and used my $50 gift card and it turned out to be only $50! That is a steal in my mind! It’s simple, but also turns into a toddler bed, so I’m sure we’ll get good use out of it.
  • I haven’t bought a mattress yet, but did buy the bedding at Target because I really liked it and I thought the giraffe was the cutest thing! I decided I love animals and that will be the semi-theme of the room. Haha.
  • I haven’t figured out what to do about all my crap on the bottom of the crib. I just stored it there for now..but I am probably going to buy some cute bins or something and hide stuff underneath. We shall see…

Anyway, this little rascal is getting antsy in my belly as of late. Here she is at our latest ultrasound..foot in her eye and all…Perhaps she will be a dancer or a gymnast, haha.

This picture was also a cool one because you can see her pointing her finger. She can count to one already! I’m not too sure where she got her long, monster fingers from. I want to say Eddie because my fingers are definitely not that long.

Happy Tuesday err’body!


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