Things that impacted me this week:

Walking along the Manhattan Beach pier…

Nature and the ocean always reminds me of how good God is.

Amazing friends who come over to landscape your parents house out of pure love…

A couple weeks ago, we invited (more like begged) some friends to come over and help my parents landscape the backyard. My sister and my dad are working hard to get the backyard up to speed for our baby shower coming up. They’ve really taken on quite a heavy load just for the baby shower and I cannot be more grateful. I am also so honored to have friends who were willing to get down and dirty at the crack of dawn just to help us! Truly, I am so blessed! Thank you SOO SOO much Josh, Tracy, June, Meagan, Martin, Missy, and Eddie for all that you did. You guys are AWESOME! (said in a high-pitched voice)

BBQ dinners at home…

I’m in love with meat! Haha. Especially the expensive kind my husband buys from the Farmer’s Market. He’s really into eating meat that is produced from naturally raised cows. There really are many benefits… like the Omega 3 and 6 amino acids are higher and in more balance than the meat at the grocery stores. can DEFINITELY taste a big difference, especially in the Rib-eye steaks. I know, I know…some people might think meat is disgusting, but if you’re going to eat it, might as well eat it right! Haha. We BBQ’ed the other night and it was a really nice way to end the weekend. 🙂

Things that distracted me this week…

Realizing how incredibly addicted I am to this game…

Really? All vowels! I can’t win!


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