5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #28:

1. When I watch my husband sometimes, I see so much of a “military” persona in him. I remember when I went to go visit him a couple times when he was in the army. There were these things that were always so new and different compared to when I knew him in high school. For example, his posture, the way he wore his clothes, or even the way his hair looked. Even today, I see glimpses of it..its kind of interesting.

2. Just when I thought I was starting to feel comfortable and get this “married life” thing down, I had to go on and get pregnant! Now, I feel like I’m starting from scratch again, haha.

3. One of my least favorite couple things to do are TAXES. Every year, ugh!

4. He made a pact with a friend to grow out his mustache and beard…so ridiculous right?!? Let me tell you…it’s not pretty. I call him “Dirty Sanchez.”

5. When you’re pregnant, it’s hard to feel pretty. Sometimes I wonder if my husband is even still attracted to me. I mean, I guess some men are attracted to women with bigger bellies, but honestly, I wonder if he’ll ever look at my body the same way again. Probably not. Oh well, he’s stuck with me no matter what! Haha, better get over it!


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