5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #29:

1. Eddie is not really enjoying Lamaze class. I don’t know why, I think it’s because it’s 2.5 hrs long for 5 weeks. 😦

2. On Tuesday morning this week, we actually were about to get up at 5am and go workout on the beach. I walked up some stairs a few times and he had this whole workout planned. It was nice to share that time together, I have to admit..despite it being so early. But, boy, does my body ache now!

3. Last night I broke down in tears. I was crying about all sorts of things..it just all came out. I realized I haven’t cried in awhile. Poor Eddie…he had no idea where it came from probably. Oh..the joys of having a hormonal, pregnant wife!

4. I love wearing my husband’s shirts. 1) Because they are large and fit me nice and loose right now. 2) Boys shirts are SO soft. I love how the fabric feels on my skin. 3) I love to annoy my husband.

5. Have I mentioned how much I hate taking out the trash? Yah..I think Eddie will be in charge of that from now until forever.



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