5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #30:

1. Okay, so, I have something to admit. A month ago..I ACCIDENTALLY washed our iPad in the laundry! Yes, my friends, a full 40-minute cycle and I had no idea about it until I switched the load to the dryer! I’d like to blame it on the pregnancy, but I tend to do careless things like this quite often..even before I was pregnant..so..there you go! I couldn’t believe the clumsy mistake I made..I mean, really…who does that?!? I tried to save it…left it in a week to dry in a tub of rice…had one of my tech savvy friends open it up and try to repair it…even went into the Apple store to see if they could do anything about it. Nothing. So, I just wanted to share how understanding Eddie has actually been through it all. I mean, grant it, he’s MAD. Of course, who wouldn’t be! I honestly wanted to cry when it happened. But, in all fairness, he handled it very calmly, didn’t yell at me like I thought he would..he just said, “you better fix it.” And I will. Well.. I’m working on it.

2. Eddie has to pull me up to get out of bed now.

3. He gives the best massages! Actually, in Lamaze class we’re learning how he can massage me to keep me relaxed. And, honestly, he’s an EXPERT! He helped cut my normal breathing patterns in half!

4. Have I told you how much I hate Mustache march? He’s growing a mean ol’ stache on his face! One of his coworkers actually said, “Wow. You look like one of those explorers back in the day…particularly one from Spain.” I am STILL laughing at that one.

5. He relates more and more to the movie “I Love You Man.”


2 thoughts on “5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

  1. Oh I’m so sorry about your IPad! But I have to admit, it makes for a really good story and it did give me a good laugh…my mom was telling me last weekend about how she crushed her kindle to pieces in a reclining chair. It reminded me of your sad story : ( So if it makes you feel any better, you are not alone.

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