The Simplest Pasta You Could Ever Make!

Hi friends! Alright, I haven’t done a DIY recipe post in awhile. But, this one is one of my favorites because it’s honestly, like the title says, the SIMPLEST PASTA YOU COULD EVER MAKE! No joke. I think it took me a total of 10 minutes to whip up!

Step 1: Cut up your veggies. (For this step, there’s no rules as to what veggies to use. Choose all the ones you like or have in the fridge and throw them in.)

Step 2: Boil the pasta noodles so they can cook while you prepare the veggies. I like to use the colorful organic noodles from Trader Joe’s. They are like $1.99/bag.

Step 3: Sautee them veggies! I like to throw in some garlic, onions, oregano, basil, salt, and pepper just to add some kick. But, use whatever herbs or seasoning you like!

Step 4: If you want to add meat or tuna to your pasta, you can! I added 2 cans of albacore tuna (b/c it was Friday during Lent) and some more salt and pepper to taste. Then, I added some “Four Cheese” pasta sauce to make it creamy and cheesy. The bottle costs $3.79 at Trader Joe’s I believe and it’s so good!

Step 5: Mix your veggies/meat with your pasta noodles…Stir it up… and BAM! There you have it! (Serve with more veggies and buttered bread. Yum!) And, please don’t judge me on how much butter I put on my bread. I really like butter!


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