Vintage Inspired Baby Shower

This past weekend, my family threw me an amazing baby shower at my parents’ house. It was so fun and was a great success despite the pouring rain. All of our guests were crowded inside, umbrellas were stacked in this huge trash can right next to the door, and loads of coats were hanging on the racks! (Good thing we had those coat racks!) Anyway, despite all the chaos in the beginning…it was worthwhile. Also, it was literally the second time my family and my husband’s family saw each other..the last time was our wedding  a year and a half ago! Haha. Here’s some of the snap shots I took via Instragram! (Freakin’ love that app.)

My creative sister set up a little candy bar so guests can take home a little somethin.’

There are the coat racks before the guests arrived! I love pinwheels!

Our little game table. My family LOVES games!

An “About to Pop” sign that our friend Ashley made. Thanks Ashley for all of your help! You are so awesome!

Guest book for friends/family to leave parenting advice or tips for us. Super cute idea!

Since we couldn’t set up outside, Martin and Eddie set up in the garage. I thought it turned out pretty nicely! Good job guys!

We had a Taco and Nacho Bar! It was incredibly delicious. My dad was the genius behind it all and it was a BIG hit!

My mom picked up this fruit tart cake from this bakery in Pomona. THE. BEST. CAKE. EVER! And, I’m not a cake that says a lot.

Also, did you catch the big reveal?!?

We have a name picked out for our little girl! A really, super Catholic one. 🙂

Happy Wednesday to you.


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