Easter Egg Craze!!!

So, I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about Easter! It’s such a beautiful celebration, not because of all the food, the pretty eggs, and being off work..but the message behind the event. Duh! Jesus’s Resurrection! Haha. Of course, if you ask junior high students what Easter is all about, they’ll tell you candy, Easter bunny, etc. It’s fun to play with their minds and change their way of thinking. 🙂 I will miss that the most about teaching junior high.

Anyway, here are some fun Easter crafts and inspiration I found around the web:

These Polish eggs…

Vintage Polish stacking eggs

Or these polish Easter Eggs

From Karen’s pin

From hellosandwich blog

Eggs filled with cool things…

From Brad’s pin

Of course…why didn’t I think of this..healthy snacks?!? Ingenious!

From brandys craft blog

Crafty Eggs…

From Cammie’s pin

Rice Krispy Eggs! Such a fun idea!

From Antoinette’s pin

From Creaturecomfortsblog

Sharpie decorated eggs! How creative!

From homemadeserenity blog

From apartment therapy

This looks like something my friend Holly can make. So creative!

From shabby sweat tea

Well, anyone have any fun Easter traditions that you do with your family? I’m looking forward to starting some fun traditions with my little girl. Woohoo! Can’t wait!


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