Quote of the Day

Today I…am embracing this quote of the day. “Teach me to serve…” is something so powerful and so fitting for me right now.  Now that we are on the brink of celebrating Easter and I’m working my last week of teaching before baby comes, my real vocation and purpose is coming to fruition. I’ve always dreamed of being a stay-at-home-mom, that is just where I felt God has called me to. And, literally, being weeks away from that dream becoming a reality, I’m at a pivotal transition point in my life. How can I serve to the best of my ability? What is my real purpose? Is the lifestyle of being a mother going to fit me or feel awkward?

So many thoughts running through my head this past weekend as I was inundated with events that clearly showed that this transition is happening full force now. (You know things are changing when instead of 21st birthday celebrations in Vegas, you are attending baby showers and little kid birthday parties, ha!)

I am fully aware that there are going to be a lot of changes around here in the next months or so and honestly, I FEEL ready, but only God can prepare me for the real test. Plus, I’m more of a hands-on, learn from experience type of person, so it’ll be interesting. I do plan on contacting all my friends and all you readers out there for help, hope you don’t mind!

Hope you all had a great and inspiring weekend!


Melinda & Baby


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