Good Friday…Easter is almost here!

Painting by my sister

Image of the Cross by source

Well today is a very solemn day for us..religious folks. It is the day we remember Jesus’ death and suffering on the cross. My sister made this painting for our nursery and I thought it was so reflective of the mood for today. I wanted to post pictures from our baby shower last weekend, but it doesn’t seem fitting. I also wanted to post another DIY recipe, but that didn’t seem appropriate either. So…I thought I’d just take this time to reflect.  I was talking to my mother-in-law the other day (via text) and she congratulated me on making it to maternity leave! What a great feeling it was! And I responded humorously, “So…what now?” And, she replied, “This is the calm before the storm. Just relax and enjoy it.” I thought, she is so right!

I feel really blessed as of late. There are so many things going on with my close friends, complications with their pregnancies, friends losing their jobs, friend who are severely ill, etc. Even though I had a miscarriage before this one, I’m honestly so blessed to have made it this far! No matter what happens…I’m always thinking daily that at least it was further than the last one. I also have so many amazing people in my life who have supported me along the way! I have a mother who is ready to just jump in and help out with the baby, a mother-in-law (who I love and adore AND I get along with) who is also willing to drive far just to help, and friends/family who’ve been faithfully praying for me this entire pregnancy. I mean, what more can a woman ask for?

To top it all off, I have God who is always taking care of me, giving me strength through all the discomforts and providing me with the necessary tools AND shaping me to be the best mom I can possibly be. I mean, this IS the calm before the storm, but I’ve never been so excited and felt more prepared for the “STORM!” I don’t know, maybe I’m just pumped up right now because I spent the day praying a lot, going to Church, and went to a much-needed confession. Either way, today was the perfect day to reflect. I hope it was for you too.

The Father said today, “It is such a testament to me to see all of you present here today. It is unsettling to know the amount of people who really take  Easter or “Spring” break for granted.  Many people think, “Hooray! No work or a week off of school!” But, do they truly understand the cost which had to happen to give us this week off? “But, YOU, being here shows me that YOU do understand. You know what this weekend is all about.” Amen. Amen!

I don’t know, it just reassured me and I was so glad I chose to spend the day this way.

I hope all of you have a blessed Easter and I’m excited to share so much more with you and bring you along the journey with me. Thanks for continuing to follow this blog. I know my life isn’t all that exciting and interesting, but you still motivate me more than you might know. 🙂




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