Timing is everything…

Today I…felt the need to reflect once again. (I’ve been in a reflective mood lately.)

Last weekend started off great! I just finished my last day of work on Thursday and I was extremely happy! Did a lot of errands on Friday (Good Friday), had time to blog, visited with friends, and even got some good solid naps in that evening. Success! Saturday was also great because Eddie and I continued our weekly tradition of going to the Farmer’s Market over at Wilson Park. They have SO many great produce vendors and a grasss-fed bison vendor Eddie really likes. So, we spent a good chunk of money stocking up our fridge for the next couple weeks (bc we imagine it’s going to start getting hectic once the baby is born). And, we just love having fresh fruits and veggies in our fridge. Damn, we are so blessed.

We also picked up one of the best breakfast quesadillas I ever had at the food vendors. I normally don’t post picture of food, but this is just too amazing! There were no leftovers between us two! Ha!

And some pretty good Malasadas (Hawaiian donuts) with cinnamon sugar. Mmm..definitely need to find a good recipe to make these at home.

After the farmers market, we headed down to Chino Hills to settle at my parents’ house for the holiday weekend. We took some maternity photos (which I can’t wait to show you) with our good friends Wide Open Aperture, and then my sister and I headed back down to LA to watch the Clippers Game! So fun when things are free! My sister kept worrying that I was going to go into labor at the game, but we were in box seats with a room full of nurses, so I was totally at ease. Ha!

Sunday we spent Easter at church and had some good quality family time. It’s pretty rare these days where my family sits down at a table and breaks bread together. Honestly, it probably only happens on certain holidays nowadays. But, whenever it does happen, I appreciate every moment…even though somehow our conversations always end up being about poker. In any case, we usually end up just laughing about it and then playing a game of Hold’em. However, instead of Hold’em, we played a new favorite game called Wits and Wagers. So fun! (Thanks Paul for introducing this game to us!) I won a $1…by the way! Ha.

Monday, Eddie was off work so we stayed in the hills and finished Season 2 of Walking Dead (Definitely a must-see if you’re into zombies and such.) Such a good show! Then, we visited a good friend who was in the hospital for a good couple hours. We were happy to spend some time there. Eddie ended up hanging out with his BFF who was in town from Vegas at a local bar and I went home and watched the rest of the season of Shameless. Oo, that show is VERY shameless! My parents watch it too which I think is hilarious.

Finally, we drove back to our apt late Monday night and came into a bad-smelling living room! It was pretty disgusting, but I was sure it wasn’t the trash can because we threw that out before we left for the weekend. I opened our fridge to store some leftovers and for some reason it was WARM inside. We didn’t understand what was going on. Then, Eddie opened our freezer and everything (including all the expensive bison meat we just bought) was defrosted and melted. It broke his heart! It pained me to have to throw EVERYTHING away in our fridge b/c who knows when it stopped working..it’s one of those things that I never expected to happen, but when it did, it completely SUCKED!

so, yesterday, Eddie took another day off to help fix this problem (b/c I don’t  think we can go very long without a fridge..we cook at home a lot)  and we went shopping for a new fridge. Thankfully, after a very long day of searching, we found one at Home Depot for a decent price and it’s being delivered Friday! Woohoo! Here’s what our kitchen looks like right now…

Bye Bye old fridge! (patiently waiting to be hauled away…)

So, folks, that’s pretty much filling you in on what’s been going on these past few days. Things have been pretty eventful, yet I cannot complain. It feels like I just find myself thinking, “Stop complaining Melinda, it could’ve been much worse!” And, its so true. I am still very lucky that we have a roof over our heads..enough money in our savings to buy a new fridge…a healthy baby in my belly who we’ll meet any day now…and a loving God to thank for it all.

Happy Wednesday friends!



3 thoughts on “Timing is everything…

  1. Oh no! Did you guys have any clue your fridge was dying? That stinks! But you are right, it could have been worse. Good luck with the new fridge!

    • No, we had no idea. The fridge was donated to us from a friend when we first moved in..so I don’t really know how old it actually is. But, I guess, on the flip side, we get a new fridge! Haha.

  2. It sucks having unexpected expenses, but I get excited when we get new appliances and stuff for the house! Like getting a new vacuum! Oh, domestic life.

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