5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #31:

1. He’s very independent. When making decisions, I tend to call people (like my parents, friends, etc) to find out other people’s opinions first before I make a big decision. Eddie, on the other hand, likes to just make the decision himself..which I totally respect. I don’t know..I think I’m indecisive and I want to research everything before I make a decision. I do want to become more independent though, like him.

2. He LOVES sleeping with a humidifier. He honestly snores the night away! It doesn’t really bother me, as long as he’s sleeping well.

3. Everyone’s been saying that I “look” like I’m having a boy. I don’t know…it’s starting to make me think, what if it does happen?!? Eddie is secretly excited I can sense. Haha. Either way, we’d both be happy, but wouldn’t that be crazy?!? I know Kaiser has gotten it wrong before. Hmm..this will be interesting…

4. He LOVES his mustache! I can’t get him to shave that thing! Ugh. (But, I hate to admit, it is starting to grow on me.)

5. If we  do have a girl, she’s going to be such a Daddy’s girl! Eddie hates when I tease him about that, but I can already see it. Ha!

I just realized that I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile. I learn new things about Eddie everyday. Some I notice and I think to myself “I need to write that one down.” Other days, I don’t really notice. Either way, he hardly ever reads my blog so I feel like I can say whatever I want about him. Haha. Anyway, I just want to thank him for being understanding and letting me share these things with you guys. I’m sure some of you feel like you know my husband better than you would like to.

Anyway, Eddie, thanks for being a trooper!


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