Maternity Photos

Today I…thought I’d share some photos with you. Because of the brilliance of Jeremy and Katrina behind WideOpenAperature, we were able to capture some maternity photos before I popped. I was never really big on maternity photos, but then I thought, maybe it will be nice to remember what my pregnancy was like and how big I was. After seeing the photos, we were glad we took them! Thank you Jeremy and Katrina! You guys are amazing and wonderful and beautiful people…and ever so talented!

Let’s start with my favorite one: ( I kind of want to blow this one up and frame it as an art piece for our place, what do you think?)

And now…our silly one… ;P


6 thoughts on “Maternity Photos

  1. love your photos melinda!! yoo\u look great… okay and so does eddie lol… thats great that you have a memory of your pregnancy! how u feelin mama? shes almost here!!!

      • haha. what a hipster. 😛 i miss you too! i actually need to give you something. when’s the next time you guys are planning to visit chino hills?

  2. Congratulations Melinda for your beautiful baby girl, the most precious Ave Maria. Samira is sending you her best wishes as well. Take care and enjoy your new wonderful life as a mom. Love, Soudabeh

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