10 Things…

Now that I’m nearing the end of this 9-month journey, I thought it best to reflect on my pregnancy experience thus far. First of all, I feel really blessed. This pregnancy has been probably the EASIEST pregnancy a woman could ever have. I’m not trying to flaunt this or make myself seem special or anything, but honestly I hardly had any issues. Everything pretty much went by the book. I never had morning sickness (not once), never had any weird cravings or food aversions, didn’t have gestational diabetes where I had to watch what I ate ( I pretty much ate everything I normally would have eaten, even had the occasional sushi kick). Don’t judge me. Who knows what will happen with the labor part… maybe I’m in for a rude awakening, but if I had to sum up this whole entire journey..it has been MIRACULOUS! Also, I feel like I didn’t spend an overwhelming amount of money on setting up a nursery (b/c I know that can be a financial burden for some), which is a huge blessing. If you know me, I shopped at thrift stores, got a lot of hand-me-down clothes from cousins (Thank you Jay, Risha, Ron, & Yvette) which I’m all about, even accumulated great furniture pieces …a swing (Thanks Holly), high-chair, play yard, & bouncer) without having to spend any money at all. God is so good. To this day, I haven’t purchased (on my own) one item of clothing..wait..I lied. I did buy her baptism dress already, but that doesn’t count! But, besides that, all her clothes have been gifts and given to me. I’m sure that’ll change in the near future, but I feel like I’m off to a solid start.

So all that is left is the labor and delivery part. All I can say is..I’m getting a little antsy, but I am MOST DEFINITELY enjoying this time at home to get everything ready, spending some quality time with friends before things get crazy, organizing, then reorganizing, cleaning, etc. I’m also so thankful to have a loving husband who has been incredibly supportive the ENTIRE way. I know he doesn’t read this, but guys, he REALLY is awesome! I could not have imagined going through this journey by myself. He’s getting excited too, I can tell!

Well folks, that’s all for now…thank you for staying with me during this journey. Here are “10 Things I’ve learned” that I hope will one day help someone else:


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