5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #32:

1. You know the soup Nazi character from Friends? Eddie is kind of like that with me eating sweets and junk food. In the long run, it’s good for me I guess. I know I will appreciate it when I’m trying to lose all the baby weight..but DANG, sometimes I just want to fight him!

2. We are really into this Korean drama on Netflix right now called “Pasta.” If you’re into those kind of shows, definitely entertaining! We currently have the soundtrack stuck in our heads and we keep yelling at each other all the Korean phrases we know! Haha. It’s fun.

3. He loves the game Scramble with Friends! I don’t know if you guys have iPhones or play games via apps, but it’s quite a hobby of ours. It’s funny when he comes home from work and checks to see if anyone played him. If there are no updates, he’s all sad and says with a pout on his face, “Aw, no one played me today.” It’s kind of adorable.

4. I love when he kisses me on the forehead. I don’t know..I find it endearing in a way.

5. Okay, I’m not the funniest or wittiest person at all. In fact, when I do say something funny, people complement me! Haha. They say, “That was actually a good one, Melinda!” It brings up my spirits, it does! But, when Eddie complements me..It MEANS THE WORLD TO ME! I think he has a great sense of humor! His entire family is like that. So jealous!


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