12 Essential Pictures to take From Labor, Delivery to Baby’s First Day

Today I… was reading this article about the pictures we must take to capture the sweet moments of labor/delivery as baby enters into the world. To be quite honest, I never really thought about it. I have been just focused on not panicking and having a smooth delivery experience. Most of all, I just want to have a healthy baby so taking pictures haven’t even crossed my mind. I am glad I read this article because I hope to be able to remember this experience and what better way than through photos! Here are the 12 they mentioned: ( I tried to find good samples I liked around the web so hope you enjoy them!)

1) Final Belly Picture

From The Treetop photography

2) The Hospital Room

From source

3) The Clock (capturing the time baby was born)

From shanna michelle photography

From source

I don’t know why, but I really like this idea of taking a picture of the clock at the exact time all the craziness happens. Let’s see if we remember! Ha.

4) ID bracelets

From evolve images

From shanna michelle photography

5) The scale

From source

From shanna michelle photography

6) Meeting Mom the first time

From shanna michelle photography

7) Meeting Dad the first time

From source

8) Meeting siblings

From source

9) Meeting Grandparents

From source

From source

10) Sleeping Newborn

From source

11) With Doctor’s & Nurses

From source

From source

12) Going Home

From source

15 thoughts on “12 Essential Pictures to take From Labor, Delivery to Baby’s First Day

  1. What a great post idea! I too was busy with the whole ‘giving birth’ thing and trying not to freak out. I think these are great photo ideas.. maybe a project I can give to my sister for the next baby… so she can focus on that task so I can focus on the more important things at hand.

    We did capture some good stuff from Avery’s birth. #1, not so much – he came as a surprise 3 1/2 weeks early. #5 we did, thanks to my Mom yelling at my husband to quickly get a shot of the scale. And #12 my Mom took video of us coming home with the little guy. Such good memories… awe.

  2. Great ideas! My husband is serving in Afghanistan and will miss the birth of our 1st child. Trying to compile all the recommended pics for him. You had some great pointers!

    • Aw, Natalie, you are so brave! Yes take a lot of pics. I can’t imagine what that’s like, but I pray for a healthy delivery for you! My husband was overseas for 15 months so I commend you for all that you do! Good luck!

    • @Natalie- My hubby is set to head that way soon and I am due in December, so we are in the same boat, but this is our second. Another picture idea is a “first family picture” with the laptop or ipad if he is able to skype with you! 🙂

    • Natalie: My husband and I are photographers and I bet if you have some friends post some things on fb and such, you could get a photographer In your area to be there and capture your first moments at no charge! I know that we would!!!! (being an emotional preggers myself…I cried reading your post)
      Hubby and I are expecting out first baby in December and I’d be LOST knowing that he wouldn’t be by my side!!
      Where are you located??

      • @ Lindsay…you made me cry. Hope Natalie contacts you and best to both new mom’s. Lovely of you to reach out, Mom of a wonderful young man myself, K

  3. a friend of mine did this and then set it to music and added some clips like-“introducing-name of the baby” it was sooo beautiful!

  4. I know you said the clock would be hard to remember to capture, but the clock doesn’t change if it is 24 hrs later and you are awake. 🙂 Just a thought, not a mandatory. Thanks for the ideas.

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  7. love these ideas!! I wish I could see some of the pictures though 😦 Our first baby is due at the end of this month and I’m so excited to capture these images to make a collage for her nursery!!! I figured it could be something fun for Mom, Dad, and I to work on since they will be staying with us for a little while after she’s born.

  8. Hi! I came across your post on Pinterest. I am a registered nurse who has worked in postpartum units and I love all the ideas for your photos except for the one showing the ID bands for mother and baby. The numbers printed on your hospital ID band and the baby’s are the medical record number. These should never be published in a photo. The medical record number is linked to your highly sensitive personal information in your medical record and should be highly guarded. An identity thief can use your medical record number to gain access to your personal information and can even use your medical insurance if they have access to your medical record number.

    I wanted to share this information to keep everyone safe at such an important time in their life when new parents have enough to worry about.

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