Today I…would like to introduce you to a new column. It’s sort of a reflective piece again ( I like reflecting apparently) that I found helpful when other new moms posted about things. I’m not really sure what this blog is  going to become. Now that I have a child, I’ve got BABY on the mind 24/7, although I don’t want to smother all of you with my rants about this and that. I just hope to provide some comfort to all the new moms out there who may be as clueless and fearful, yet excited, like myself. I’m sort of at the transitional stage in my life where all of my friends are starting to have kids so it’s always helpful to guide each other and learn from each other. I’m all about education!


Funny story about that last sentence by the way… During my 28hr labor (I’ll save that for another post), 2 student nurses (1 male, 1 female) asked if they could witness my labor and delivery. At first I was reluctant, I even asked my husband amidst the contractions and the discomfort, “Eddie, do you mind if another guy sees me? (referring to my female parts)” He said, “It’s up to you Melinda” and I said, “Well, I can’t say no because its for the sake of education!” Lol. (I don’t know, maybe it was just me who found that funny.Anyway…)


Here’s a new column called “10 Things I Learned About Being A Mom.” I hope someone might find these reflections helpful. Those of you who don’t have kids, or have semi-considered it, but are not ready yet, I totally understand your reservations as well. Childbirth was no easy task, I’ll give you that much! But, they always say…once you look at the child that was made BY YOU..all the pain, fears, reservations all go out the window. I really do mean that.

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One thought on “*NEW COLUMN*

  1. Awesome column idea. My two cents about my birth experience:

    #4. My epidural must have worn off because I felt A LOT. Lots of pressure, yes. but it wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought it would be, even with the meds.

    #6. Squishy tummy for sure… it felt weird like extra skin after losing tons of weight. With little exercise and lots of eating right, I’m in even better shape than I was pre-baby

    #8. Totally agree! The nurses told me not to feed my baby much because he came early and had a tiny tummy…then when I went to the docs he wasn’t gaining weight because I wasn’t feeding him enough – because of what the nurses had said.

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