Quote of the Day

First weekend with a baby… How did it go?!?

All in all, it went pretty well.

Friday, we had friends come over and cook us a Filipino feast! We ate adobo chicken lettuce wraps (if you don’t know what that is, YOU must try it one day) and Sinigang (Filipino soup). I posted a recipe here awhile ago so if you’re interested, please feel free to try it out. It was SO good. I also enjoyed A glass of of wine which was heavenly.

Saturday, my mother-in-law came and stayed with us for a night. I think we aren’t entirely confident yet being alone with her.I mean..who is ever fully ready for the responsibility of another human being! Her presence was helpful though. We learned how to give her a proper bath. Lol. I also learned that both our mothers are very different. My mom, when she helps, is really good with cooking and cleaning. After every meal, she gives our kitchen a nice, deep cleaning. It’s awesome. She also has meals ready for us in no time..and they are AMAZING. My mother-in-law is really good with helping change diapers and giving baths and stuff, which is also a relief! It’s amazing how the 5 minutes (for a diaper change) can be a much-needed break! Thank God for helpers!

Sunday was nice and relaxing. We went to watch the hubs play in his softball game and kick butt! Their team is 2-0 so far! Woohoo! I’m excited for this season. We also experienced going to church with her for the first time! It was a success. She slept the entire time. Thanks goodness for the baby sling.  That has to be one of my favorite baby items so far. In the evening, there was some crazy commotion in the apartment complex we live at. We heard some dogs growling and, all of a sudden, this lady was screaming frantically, “AH! SOMEBODY HELP ME! AH!” It was sooo scary! I told Eddie to go outside to see what happened. Apparently, the neighbors’ (who have 3 dogs) dogs attacked each other. They have 2 pit bulls which stay inside the house pretty much ALL THE TIME. I don’t think they ever get walked or anything. Well, 1 of the pit bulls violently attacked the other dog (who is the only one who stays outside because she is friendly) and got her buy the neck. In an attempt to save her, the owner’s wife also got bitten on her arm and leg by her own DAMN dog. That is terrible. Their dogs are little terrors. This also isn’t the first incident of their dogs biting people, but I think it might be the first time they caused harm to the owner’s themselves. I’m not much of a pet person, mostly because I’m allergic to most animals, but I do think those 2 pit bulls need to be put down. That is just dangerous having them around. Anyway, the ambulance came..all the neighbors came running out to try to help. One guy also got hold of the pit bull and tried to pry his mouth open with his bare hands to release the other dog’s neck. It was insane! The incident definitely added some spice to our evening. 🙂

Well, I’m honestly looking forward to more relaxation this week. I really want my body to recover because I’m still walking really slow and I hate that feeling of being limited. I’m honestly kind of sad that Eddie will be going back to work already, but it is probably a better idea to save some of his days for the future, just in case. At least my mom will still be here. I am not looking forward to the following week when everyone leaves.

Hope you all have a beautiful week!

Oh yeah..Happy Birthday to my friend Charlene whose birthday was yesterday!! Hope your birthday weekend was spectacular Charlene! Love you!


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