F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Family Always Means I Love You)

Dearest Mommy’s readers,

Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks old already?!? Can you believe it? Mommy and Daddy can’t wait until I’m old enough to play and stuff. Right now, all I do is eat, sleep, cry, and poop. I’m not that fun yet, but my cuteness makes up for it. I had my first doctor’s visit and I thought my pediatrician was very nice. He said that my jaundice levels are better now, so mommy and daddy can stop worrying. Phew! I’ve been getting these weird eye crusties every time I wake up. Sometimes it’s hard for me to open my eyes, but the doc said it was normal. Mommy and Daddy just have to wipe it with a wet towel every now and then. I’ve had many visitors lately… you can meet some of my family down below. Well, hope you’re enjoying life as much as I am right now!



This is my Uncle Devyn.

This is my Auntie Shaniah. She helped change my diaper that day.

This is my Uncle Ryan.  You can’t really see it, but we were both matching with our Michael Jordan attire that day.


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