My Labor Story

***DISCLAIMER: This post may be a long one.***

Today I thought I’d share my labor story with all of you. Some people have asked me to post about it, so this is me trying to remember the events of those crazy 2 days…

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 am – Woke up in the middle of the night to my first feeling of a contraction. My reaction: “Whoa! I think this is it..but let’s not wake up Eddie until I’m sure.”

4 am – Contractions 5-7 minutes apart. After trying to sleep in between contractions, I finally turned to Eddie and said, “Eddie, I think it’s happening.” His reaction: “Huh! What?!?” He slowly started to wake up.

6 am- Continued timing contractions (because we were told we were supposed to wait until they were 3-5 minutes apart before we went into the hospital). His reaction: Still trying to sleep in bed.

7 am- Contractions 5 minutes apart. Got up out of bed and started walking around, trying to focus on my breathing. My reaction: “What were those freakin’ breathing techniques I learned in Lamaze!”

8:30 am- Contractions 4-5 minutes apart. Eddie got up out of bed and started cooking breakfast. Our reaction: “After breakfast, maybe we should start heading to the hospital.”

10 am- Headed to hospital with hopes of not returning back without a baby in hand. My reaction: “I hope I don’t have a contraction in the car.” His reaction: “Focus on driving. Breathe Melinda.”

11am- Successfully admitted into hospital. Nurse determined that I was 4cm dilated. I changed into a gown and settled into the labor and delivery room. Our reaction: “Woohoo! We don’t have to go home! And..the room is super spacious and nice!”

1pm- Contractions getting a lot stronger. My reaction: ” Try not to cry Melinda. You can do this!”

2pm- Nurses determined that I was 5.5 cm and told me I could have an epidural up until I was 7cm. My reaction: “Oh, that epidural is sounding really good right about now. But, I really want to do this naturally. God please help me.”

3pm- Crying through contractions and still at 5.5 cm. My reaction: “Eddie, will you be disappointed in me if I get the epidural?!?” His reaction: “Melinda, it’s completely up to you. I won’t be mad.”

3:30pm- At 5.5 cm, I get the epidural. My reaction: “I’m sorry God, I tried.”

3:45pm- HAHAHAHAHA!! WOOO!!! My reaction: I’m all smiles. Can’t feel any pain, only pressure. “This epidural is amazing!” Anesthesiologist’s reaction: “None of my patients ever laughed after an epi. It’s like I gave you laughing gas.”

5pm- Nurses determined I was 6-7cm dilated. Nurse broke my bag of water in hopes of progressing the labor.

6pm-8pm- Continued breathing through contractions. Stuck in bed. Sister, brother, and Eddie all hanging out in the room. Mother-in-law, lola, and mother-in-law’s fiance all come to visit. My reaction: “I wish I brought board games or cards.”

9pm- Nurses determined I was 7cm. Contractions 3-4 minutes apart. Mom and dad arrive at hospital. Everyone’s reaction: “Is the baby here yet? Damn. When is she going to have her? It’s getting late.”

11pm- Nurses determined I was 10 cm..FINALLY! Nurse says, “Baby is not in ready position yet. We will wait until she drops a little further down before you can start pushing” Doctors, nurses, student nurses, midwife start getting the machines ready. Spot lights turn on. Hospital bed is adjusted in perfect position. My legs go in stirrups!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1am- Baby still not in position. My reaction: “When can I start pushing already?!?”

3am- Contractions 2-3 minutes apart, but not regular. Doctor comes in to check up on me. Feel’s baby down below, but said she is turned the wrong way. Pushes around my belly with immense pressure to try to turn the baby, but not much luck. Suggests we have Pitosin to speed things along in hopes of contractions becoming stronger and more regular. My reaction: “I really don’t want Pitosin because I’ve heard horror stories. Eddie (in and out of sleep) comforts me and explains to doctor we don’t want Pitosin.” Doctor understands, but wants to know why. We told her we want as minimal intervention as possible (even though we already had an epidural, lol). She understands. I told her, “Can you come back and tell me when you really think it’s absolutely necessary to speed this along b/c baby might be in danger or something?” She agrees.

5am- Doctor comes back. She says, “I think it’s necessary for Pitosin now. Your bag of waters has been broken for some time now. The baby’s heart rate is increasing. You are also developing a fever which can cause potential infection for the baby. I will only give you a small dosage and we’ll see how you progress.” Our reaction: We both agree.

5:30am- 2 student nurses ask permission to watch my labor. At first I hesitate after realizing one was a male. I looked to Eddie, “Eddie, do you care if he sees me down there?” Eddie said, “It’s up to you Melinda.” I said, “Well, for the sake of education, okay.”

6am- Contractions 1-2 minutes apart. After the Pitosin, I can feel more pressure and start breathing through the contractions again. Doctor, nurses, and midwife determined that I’m ready to start pushing, but explain to me I’m going to have to push REALLY hard because she’s pretty big and I”m pretty small. My reaction: “Okay, I’m ready!”

6:15am- With my mom on one hand and Eddie on the other, I start pushing. My reaction: “Okay, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. It all comes down to these last hours. Can I do this? Yes. I’m going to push like there’s no tomorrow!”

7:30am- Very little progress. Doctor and midwife said, “You’re going to have to push really hard. She’s there, but barely.” Nurses have a shift change. My reaction: “Am I doing this right? Where is everyone going?”

8:15am- Continue pushing. Doctor says they can see a little bit of her head, but still so much more to go! She asked me if I was tired. I replied, “No. Then I asked her, “Are you tired?” She looked at the midwife and the other nurses and smiled, “No, we are okay.” My reaction: “Push harder Melinda. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..and PUSH!”

9:00am- Still little progress has been made. Baby is slowly progressing (doctor can see a little piece of her head, but that’s all). She tells me, “Okay, you’re getting into your 3rd hour of pushing. Most women have very little energy to push anymore at this point. Here are your options, we can use a vacuum, but this will require you to push even harder. It doesn’t suck the baby out, just holds her in place so she will stop going back in. It could cause some bruising on the baby’s head, but it will not hurt. Or, we can do a C-section.” My reaction: “I really don’t want a C-section. Please, let’s try the vacuum first.”

9:05am- Doc turns off epidural to ensure I could feel myself pushing.

9:10am- Vacuum is set up and I continue pushing while the doc uses the vacuum.

9:36am- Within moments, I could feel the “crowning” and I know I’m getting closer. They all keep telling me to push. My mom is breathing with me. Eddie is pushing with me. I start pushing even when I’m not contracting. Finally, she comes out! Doctor tell me, “Sorry I know you wanted skin-to-skin, but because she’s been in there for so long, we need to take her and monitor her quickly.”

9:38am- I am bursting with emotion. I can’t believe that it’s over. Everything is blurry at this point and happening so fast. As I’m lying there, I see the doctor  and nurses take her away to clean her and weigh her. I tell Eddie, “Go follow them.” He does. Meanwhile, I noticed that the doctor is sewing me up, apparently she did an episiotomy that I didn’t even feel. Thank God for the epidural that is still lingering. I start crying excessively. I look to my right and my mom is crying too. “Mom, I can’t believe she’s here!” I say. “Me neither,” she quietly expressed trying to wipe off her tears. It was an emotional moment.

9:42ish- Deliver placenta. My reaction: It felt like the doctor was pulling out a long string like when clowns do that long chain of colorful string-out-of-the-mouth trick. She just kept pulling for a good minute. I wish I got to see what the placenta looked like.

9:45am- One of the nurses took her to me. Got to see her for 5 seconds. Then, off she went to the NICU to be monitored for the next few days.


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