PLACES: Farmer’s Market

Today I thought I’d share with you the first place we took our baby out: the good ol’ Farmer’s Market! There are a lot of questions whether you’re supposed to keep your baby enclosed for a couple months before taking them out. Some people say 2 weeks is good, others say 2 months. I really don’t know what to believe. In “What To Expect The First Year,” it basically states that once you and your baby leave the confines of the hospital, you’ve taken the baby unless we live in some sort of tunnel, there’s really no way to prevent baby from being exposed to the open air once you leave the hospital. We were just so excited to take her out and use our stroller that we took her out the very next day. Lol. And..good thing we did because look who we saw…

Can you tell who it is? I’ll give you a hint..Mrs. Doubtfire! Haha. We were a little star struck. We also saw Ed Harris and Annette Benning. They were filming a new romantic comedy. It was fun to watch! P.S. Robin Williams is short!


5 thoughts on “PLACES: Farmer’s Market

  1. Wow, that’s so exciting! What did your little one think? Did you proceed to tell your baby all about who Robin Williams is even though they wouldn’t understand? 🙂

    • Haha. not really. but, there was a group of individuals with mental disabilities who Robin did talk to. It was so cute. He seems like a good person. Lol

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