DIY Friday: Tissue Paper Flowers


16 thoughts on “DIY Friday: Tissue Paper Flowers

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      • Just over a year. We got engaged on Xmass and found out in February we were expecting, so we pushed up the wedding to May of that year (I didn’t want to juggle a kiddo & planning a wedding the following year) so we pulled that wedding together in 3-1/2 months! And I was 4-1/2 months pregnant at the wedding..could you tell?

      • Wow! No I couldn’t even tell! hey, we should do like a blog collaboration post! I’ve never actually done one with anyone before, but would you be interested?!?

      • absolutely! what will the topic be? Do you have any examples I can look at? I’ve never done one either…

      • Well what I’ve seen people do is.. I pick a topic that I think your readers would like (for example, I can do a DIY or share a recipe, whatever you want me to write about basically) and you write one for my blog.. Then on the day that we would normally post we say something like, ” I’m posting over at RatnamResidence today, come on over and check it out!” and hope people click over. Lol. But what would you like to write about? I like your posts where you mention the pros and Cons of making important family decisions like which daycare to choose or introducing table foods and what to be prepared for. I found those helpful. 🙂 but it doesn’t really matter, you can choose!

      • It sounds like a great concept to me! I was going to post next week about why we chose Avery’s daycare and everything we weighed to make the decision. If you can do next week, we can do it then.

      • Wednesday sounds great. As for what you can write about… I’d prefer anything family/parenting/home/DIY/marriage related… I write about everything that goes on under our roof – so anything that relates would be just fine. Very excited… thanks for the idea!

      • Hi Meghan! Want to invite me as a contributor to your blog so I can post on yours for tomorrow? I’m already finished writing it! 🙂 hope you are doing well!

      • Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry! I was on the page to do this yesterday and something distracted me and I never hit the button to connect to you. DUH! Doing it now…

      • Hi! Did you see your post on my blog?! Can’t wait to see mine on yours! Thanks for the suggestion to guest blog… so much fun!

      • Hey Meghan! Good morning! I don’t see your post on mine yet.. Hmm.. Did you submit it for review? Did you see mine yet? I can see it on yours! Hope you like it 🙂

      • Yeah I submitted it last night. I can see it under posts. It says ‘pending’ under status. I hit the ‘submit for review’ button again just now. It’s called “Dissolving the Daycare Dilemma”

      • I think I figured it out!! Lol. Sorry, I’m new at this! Have a great day! This was fun! Lets do it again sometime! Haha. —Melinda

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